Winter May Be Time to Consider Tree Removal In Houston

[Posted on January 20, 2015 by Metro Tree]

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Winter tree care is a very important part of your lawn maintenance and general safety maintenance for your home. Winter brings extreme temperatures which can have a huge impact on your trees and in some cases could send you searching for tree removal in Houston. In order to keep your trees healthy during winter, you should consider the following winter care tips.

Frost Cracking

Frost cracking occurs when trees are exposed, during the winter, to extremely cold temperatures at night and then warmer temperatures during the day. Cracks occurs deep down making the tree vulnerable to future breakage. During fall maintenance you can wrap the bark of younger, more vulnerable trees to help keep down the chances of frost cracking. Older, better established trees can usually heal themselves over time.

Winter Drought

Winter drought occurs usually in very early spring when warmer temperatures are warming up the tree, but colder temperatures are keeping the ground too hard to allow roots to absorb moisture. When this happens the tree loses more moisture than it can absorb. This problem can also be somewhat relieved through good fall maintenance and laying down a thick layer of mulch around the tree to help keep more moisture in the soil. Severe winter drought may result in the need to seek out tree removal in Houston.

Branch Breakage

During winter branch breakage can become a huge problem, as the vulnerable branches really start to show their weakness under the stress of the season. The changing temperatures turn branches brittle, while the weight of any ice or snow accumulation presses down on the already brittle branches. Branch breakage is probably the most serious of winter tree problems because it can pose a danger to people on your property. Falling tree branches can cause serious injuries especially in young children and the elderly. The best way to cut down on  your chances of branch breakage this winter is to make sure during fall maintenance you have a good, professional tree trimming service provide trimming for your trees. Trained professionals can identify which branches would be most vulnerable to breakage.

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