Tree Trimming Service Can Assist With Outdoor Feng Shui

[Posted on November 15, 2014 by Metro Tree]

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art that focuses on optimizing the flow of energy within the decor and design of a space, but did you know these health-promoting principles can apply to your yard as well? Your front yard is the first thing people see, so you’ll want to make sure it’s making a great impression. Here are some outdoor Feng Shui principles to help optimize the flow and feel of your property:

1. The Front Door

The front door is considered the portal to your home, the place where fresh “chi,” or life-force energy, can enter. If this flow is impeded, you won’t get the optimal amount of good energy in your home. To maximize the flow of chi into your home, make sure that no large trees, bushes, statues, sculptures or other items are directly blocking the front entry. Enlist an affordable tree service to trim your trees and bushes, or relocate them.

2. Declutter and Streamline

Feng Shui principles also recommend that spaces are uncluttered, as clutter can disrupt and impede the flow of chi around a space. Take the time to clear debris and any junk piles from your property. Cover firewood stacks neatly and hire a tree trimming service to cut down any dead trees or foliage from your lot. Fill in bare spots in the lawn with sod or by aerating it and planting grass seed. Have old stumps ground and removed; your tree trimming service should be able to assist with this task.

3. Plant Auspicious Trees and Foliage for Good Chi

If your yard is lacking foliage, planting more can improve its look and feel. Some of the most auspicious (positive and lucky) trees and plants you can bring in include bamboo, ferns, palm trees and lilies. Avoid having too many trees and plants that are prickly or spiky in appearance, as they can upset the energy flow on your property. Have your tree trimming service groom trees and foliage regularly so that they retain optimal health and aesthetics.

4. Chi for Optimal Health and Nourishment

Chinese philosophy says the wood element is connected with the eastern part of your home. The ideal way to fuel, support and nourish this area is by having lots of greenery there. Because of this, planting a vegetable or flower garden in the eastern area of your property can help to support good health for your family.

5. Balance the Chi

Blocked chi on your property is definitely a problem, but so is too-fast-flowing chi. If energy moves too quickly around a space, an anxious and agitated feel can result. Slow down the flow of chi where needed with the addition of yard art and more greenery (see the examples from #3).

Use these Feng Shui principles for optimizing your yard and garden spaces, and you’ll bring more good energy into your life.


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