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There is more to a single tree than meets the eye. The part that can be seen only makes up 50% of the structure tree. The other 50% is found underground.

Hidden deep beneath the surface of the Earth, a complex root system works to keep trees healthy and stable. Unfortunately, while it works to help maintain the structural integrity and overall health of the tree, that same root system could be causing extreme damage to nearby houses, driveways, roadways, and sidewalks.

Damage to nearby structures is caused by the outward movement of the root structure of a tree. The roots of a tree grow in an outward direction, as opposed to straight into the ground. This outward movement combined with the overpowering strength of the roots can cause foundations of homes, sidewalks, roadways, and driveways to crack, buckle, or lift.

At Metro Tree, we provide root barrier and pruning services that help homeowners and businesses owners prevent structural damage from occurring as a result of the root system of nearby trees. Our certified arborists will assess each individual situation and provide recommendations on how best to handle any current or potential tree root problems.


Tree roots need to be stopped in their tracks to prevent damage to surrounding structures. Planting and/or installing root barriers will stop roots in their tracks and prevent them from growing underneath/around delicate structures such as housing foundations, sidewalks, roadways, and driveways.

Root barriers are best installed when a tree is planted or a structure is created, as it creates boundaries where the roots can grow. Unfortunately, that is not always possible as trees may have been planted years ago and a complex root system is already in place.

Trees that have been growing for a number of years could have a root system that expands far beyond the trunk of the tree. Root pruning services allow homeowners/business owners to keep the tree in its current location, while at the same time preventing any potential damage that may be caused by the roots.

Root damage is minimized using root pruning services by allowing certified arborists to trim and/or cut away any current root growth. Cutting and trimming the roots will prevent them from growing even further out than their current location.

Many times root pruning is combined with root barriers. The root system will be pruned and then root barriers will be installed to prevent the roots from growing into off-limit areas.

Before any pruning or root barrier installation occurs it is important to understand the root structure of the trees. Our arborists at Metro Tree have the knowledge and experience to handle any root pruning and root barrier project.

We will assess the current growth of the tree to determine how the root system has grown. This information will then be used to determine how much should be cut, how close to the tree the pruning should be performed, and where root barriers should be placed.

Contact us at Metro Tree to schedule a root barrier and pruning consultation for any commercial or residential property.


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