When should Houston tree trimming take place?

When Should Houston Tree Trimming Take Place?

Houston tree trimming should take place every 3 to 5 years to avoid pest season. Trimming trees regularly is necessary to improve the health and vibrancy of the tree.

Some trees may need to be trimmed more than once a year. A certified arborist can help determine how often tree trimming should occur.

Metro Tree offers an affordable tree service to residential and commercial clients located in or around Houston, Texas. We have a certified arborist on staff that can help advise our clients on how often tree trimming should occur. Contact us at Metro Tree to request an appointment to discuss tree trimming services with one of our knowledgeable and experienced staff members.

What Houston Tree Trimming Services are the Best?

There are hundreds of companies that offer a variety of services such as tree trimming and tree care in Houston, which can make finding the best company difficult. Luckily, customers can find the best companies by looking at each company’s access to equipment, who they have on staff, and the focus of the entire company.

Companies that are considered the best in tree trimming are often those that only offer tree care services. Many companies try to diversify and offer a wide range of services, but this can minimize the quality of work that is performed. Customers should look for a company that offers only tree care services, such as stump removal, tree removal, tree trimming, and pest or disease treatment.

In addition to their commitment to tree care, the best companies will also have easy access to knowledgeable employees and appropriate equipment. The best companies will have an in-house staff that consists of trained, experienced employees and a Certified Arborist. They will also have an inventory of equipment that consists of stump grinders, pest and insect removal chemicals, and chippers.

Metro Tree is one of the best tree trimming companies in Houston. We have a vast inventory of high-quality equipment and an in-house team of qualified, experienced staff members that includes a certified arborist. Call us at Metro Tree to learn more about our tree services.

What Company Provides Houston Tree Trimming?

Metro Tree provides tree trimming services to both commercial and residential clients located in and around Houston, Texas. In addition to tree trimming services, we also provide a number of tree care services that range from tree removal and tree preservation to pest and disease treatment.

Our company has an in-house team of experienced and knowledgeable staff members. One of our in-house staff members is a certified arborist who provides assistance to our technicians when working on a current project.

All of our staff members have access to a vast inventory of high-quality equipment. We keep a steady inventory of essential equipment ranging from chippers to pest and insect removal chemicals. Contact us at Metro Tree to learn more about our Houston tree trimming services.

Is trimming my own trees in Houston dangerous?

Published by Metro Tree on September 21, 2015

Tree trimming, like so many things, is a learned skill and without proper training and information, there’s always a chance that even simple trimming jobs will end up costing you dearly in damages, tree-replacement or, worst of all, injury.

One might think that a small trimming job–an 8-foot, young tree for example–would be a simple thing to do by oneself, and it’s possible that it can be done without any issues at all. But, every tree is different. Some species don’t take well to aggressive trimming and must be trimmed more gradually, others are almost weed-like in their stubbornness and can be trimmed back excessively and still bounce back in a year or so.

If you’re going to attempt to trim your own small tree, research is certainly in order. Better yet, call in the professionals and have them do it for you. They can even check the tree for any other issues you may not even be aware of, such as pest infestation, disease and more.

But what about large trees? Old behemoths and massive shade trees–can one trim a tree of that size on his or her own?

It’s not recommended. Trees that size and age need special care and equipment to ensure that nothing and no one is damaged. Nobody wants to start taking down a large, dead branch and have it fall on people or property below, and certainly no one wants to fall out of a tree while handling a chainsaw or other potentially dangerous tools.

Even if one knows how to cut branches safely, possesses all the necessary tools and equipment, and takes great care to clear the area of people and property, trees can have various diseases or problems that may not be evident to amateurs. Dry rot, for instance, can spell disaster for someone who isn’t prepared and grabs a seemingly-sound, though rotting, tree limb for support. Calling a professional tree trimming service or arborist is highly recommended when it comes to large trees.

Just remember: safety first. If you don’t know what you’re doing with absolute certainty, be sure to contact a trained professional to handle the job.

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