When To Get Tree Trimming Service?

Posted on March 12th, 2015 by Metro Tree]

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Obtain tree trimming service whenever you are concerned with the health, beauty and safety of your trees. You don’t have to wait until the tree looks sick or has started to decay. You can obtain trimming to encourage trees to flower and bear fruit. Trimming also helps you train certain trees to grow in unique and interesting designs.

What Time Of Year Should I Get My Trees Trimmed?

Trees should be pruned when they are in their dormant phase during the winter. Wait until late winter or early spring so that wounds will heal quickly as new growth begins. It will encourage growth of thick, strong branches. You should have trees trimmed anytime of the year for corrective measures if there are dangerous dead limbs that can threaten the safety of people or property.

Can Tree Trimming Be Done In The Summer?

Yes. Summer tree trimming is ideal when you are trying to control the growth and shape of the tree. If you have ornamental and decorative trees that you don’t want to grow too large, or you want the branches to grow in unique shapes, you can have the Houston tree trimming company prune branches to promote slow growth.

Is There A Time Of The Year When I Shouldn’t Trim Trees?

Avoid pruning in the late spring where trees are most likely to develop disease, except for flowering trees. Flowering trees should be trimmed after their first flowers fade. Never trim trees in the Fall because decay fungi will produce more spores during this time of year that can affect the health of your trees. Also, certain trees will die back if you prune them during the Fall.

When Should Young Trees Be Trimmed?

Trim young trees the moment that they are planted. It is an ideal time to get rid of dead branches, diseased branches and branches that are growing inward toward the tree. Our tree trimming service will also address branches that are growing too close to the trunk and crossing branches to encourage fuller leaf coverage.

Is There Any Type Of Tree That Shouldn’t Be Trimmed?

All trees benefit from trimming whether they are young or old trees. Obtain tree trimming service annually to promote the healthy growth of tree branches.

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