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10 Tips for Taming Your Unruly Landscape Without Breaking a Sweat

Posted on June 7th, 2015 by Metro Tree]

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As you stand in front of your backyard window and look out into your yard, you may be one of the many homeowners that hates the view. You would love to spend a bit of time getting it all cut down, cleaned up, and neatly organized, but the task seems so daunting. Where in the world do you start? Transforming your unruly landscape into a beautiful space affords many benefits, including improving the value of your home, boosting your ability to relax, and even adds environmental features. How can you bring this all together, though? These tips are surefire solutions to get you started.

#1: Tame your trees first

Often the largest component of your backyard, trees need attention first. Affordable tree service is available to help you to gain control over those overgrown or damaged trees. Whether you need tree shaping to clean up the look, tree trimming to prune for health, or even tree removal in Houston, these should all be first steps you take. Once you ensure the health, structural integrity, and overall beauty of your trees, you can move on to more challenging concepts. Of course, if you don’t have trees present, consider adding them. The add shade to reduce your energy costs while also adding dimension and character to the space.

#2: Clean away debris

Whether you do this work yourself or hire a few teens to help you, the goal is to clean away the debris. Remove leaves and branches from flowerbeds. Then, get under your trees and bushes to remove what’s there, too. With rake in hand, you’ll want to go over your lawn as well. This process will allow you to remove the dead material that is making it hard for roots to grow. It can instantly give you a fresh, new look to your home as well. Ultimately, it helps to ensure your landscaping will flourish in the long term.

#3: Sit down and plan

Did you think that you didn’t have to do any paperwork? Perhaps the most important step you can take after this point is to have a plan in hand. It’s a good idea to sit down with your pen and paper, and perhaps even a landscape designer, to pull together a plan. Consider hard features like walkways and retaining walls as well as the types and sizes of plants that work for you. To make the process easier, use landscape design software. Think about the way it will look now and in five years when the new plants really fill out.

#4: Add a pathway

One of the steps to take to add something interesting to your landscape is to add a pathway. This is an inexpensive way not just to create a place for people to walk, but also to encourage and control the movement of the eye while people are viewing the space. Simple pavers installed right into the grass is the simplest option, though it is also possible to invest in a more elaborate concept with the help of a few bricklayers or landscapers.

#5: Designate an outdoor space

Taking that same concept of creating a pathway and applying it to creating an outdoor living space is the next step. For the simplest option, install a concrete pad (your local concrete team can do this for you). For more depth of character, on the other hand, go for an outdoor space designed with pavers, stone, or even wood decking. (Go for composite decking for the reduced annual maintenance and long lasting look.)

#6: Ring around the flowerbeds

If your flowerbeds are hard to manage, it’s easy to simply add a line of pavers around them. This creates structure. It helps to minimize the amount of grass that grows in the flowerbeds, too, reducing your maintenance needs. More so, this defines the flowerbeds and makes them a visual component of the space’s character. Once in place, you don’t have to worry about the pavers wearing down over time!

#7: Mulch it all

You don’t have to worry about tending to the soil of every one of those flower beds if you do not want to or your knees won’t allow it. Instead, just mulch it! Lay down landscape fabric first and completely cover the beds with it. This prevents any material or plants from growing up that you will need to manage. Then, add a layer of mulch on top. Do this around trees and flowerbeds or any area you don’t want to landscape, such as next to a pathway or patio. The clean, colored mulch makes a statement and creates sophistication right away.

#8: Go with only native plants

You have plenty of plant options available to you today, but using native plants is the wise decision. First, native plants can grow and flourish without a lot of attention from you because they are already acclimated to the climate. They are also environmentally friendly because they tend to use less water and don’t overcrowd or overtake areas. Even better, they provide for the needs of wildlife in your area.

#9: Xeriscape if you don’t want to water

Here’s a simple way to make a big change to your landscape – xeriscape! It will take more work initially but if you live in an area where drought conditions are a concern or you just don’t want to water, get rid of the lawn (think about a summer without mowing!) Install plants that do not need a lot of watering instead.

#10: Add solar power lights

As a final touch, add solar power lighting. You can really make a statement inexpensively with this solution. you just need to install these lights along your paths or patios to give you just enough light to see well. They are energy efficient and beautiful.

You don’t have to do a lot of work to have an impressive yard, especially when you invest in these long term solutions. Hiring the right team of professionals to help you can make this process even easier. These projects don’t cost a lot or involve a great deal of change to your property, but they do add character and beauty to a yard that may otherwise be unruly.

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